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Soul Changers Recovery

Soul Changers Recovery

Soul Changers Recovery Foundation (SCRF) is a non-profit organization that serves the community as an educational and rehabilitative source for persons who have a diagnosable alcohol, drug, or relationship dependency condition. The SCRF provides men and women with a residential structure in which they may safely begin to restructure their lives.

We have been using a proven method for the last 26 years to bring about a more productive life for the addict.  The approach works. We have many success stories.

Our Purpose

To provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop healthier lifestyles–mentally, emotionally, and physically.

The Method

12 Step Recovery Program:  helps residents learn to face their addiction  and learn how to live with it by changing their lifestyle habits.

Residential Setting: the men and women are housed (separately) in a healthy and safe residence that imitates the family structure. This helps to create friendships and foster faith.

Spiritual Life Groups:  Spiritual counseling is provided.

To understand and accept that God, the Father is in charge and will restore us.

Outside Meetings:  attending these meetings enhances the group’s discussion and feedback by interacting with a mixed group.

GED Classes:  offered through the Georgia Department of Education

Marital Counseling

Parenting Classes

Nutrition and Health Assessment Classes

Life Skills Improvement Program:  assists with making the transition back into society.

Computer Classes: we offer basic classes in order to give residents skills that could help them to find gainful employment.

Location: we are currently located in Smyrna, GA

Contact information:  Soul Changers Recovery Foundation, 2762 Joe Jerkins Blvd., Austell, GA 30106

Phone: 678.503.2889

Sharing the love of God through the person, Jesus Christ, with those who are lost and have no hope for life because of their addiction.

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